Acne is very distressing and can affect all ages but most commonly teenagers. Acne can affect self confidence and mood. Acne can also cause permanent scarring. It commonly affects the face, back and chest. 
Acne has many causes, genetic and hormonal being the most important. It is very unlikely to be related to food allergy or anything that you eat. It is important your dermatologist rules out hormonal causes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome in females.
The good news is that treatments for acne are available and are very good. There is a step wise approach starting with topical treatments that are put onto the face in the form of creams, gels and washes. Some can be bought from the chemist, others need to be prescribed.

I prefer the cetaphil range of products for acne prone skin. The next step is to add tablet treatments such as antibiotics for prolonged courses. These are often combined with certain types of oral contraceptive pill for women.Watch out though as some pills will actually make acne worse, especially those with a high progesterone content.

Isotreinoin or Roaccutane:
This is the most effective treatment for acne. It is a tablet that is taken for 4 to 6 months but often gives lasting results. There are some important side effects that you need to discuss with your dermatologist before starting this tablet and blood tests are required along with careful monitoring while you are on isotretinoin. Women must not become pregnant on isotretinoin (Roaccutane) and for one month after stopping the treatment.

Ever person with acne will have different needs for treatment and acne treatment should be tailored to you as an individual after careful discussion with your dermatologist.

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